Traverse Bay RV Resort
5555 M-72 East
Williamsburg, MI 49690

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Co-Owner Welcome Package

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Dear New Co-Owner,

Congratulations on your recent purchase in Traverse Bay RV Park and welcome to the Traverse Bay RV Park Condominium Association. During the season, we look forward to meeting you, whether it be walking through the park, at the pool, pickleball courts or a social activity.

Traverse Bay RV Park Condominium Association is governed by a three-person Board of Directors, two of the directors are appointed via elections by co-owners and the third is appointed by Traverse Bay RV Park Investments, LLC, (“Investments”), the Successor Developer. The Board is responsible for maintaining members’ compliance with the Articles of Incorporation, Condominium Bylaws, Association Bylaws, as well as the daily functions and financial responsibilities of the Association.

Ken Straub is the interim Operations Manager for the Association. Ken oversees the daily operation of the park, manages the concerns of the co-owners and vendors, and works to keep the grounds of the park beautiful. The Association has an obligation to maintain the quality of our park. There are specific provisions regarding what can and cannot be done on your lot. Visit the Op Manager page on the website, complete the fillable form and submit, for pre-approval of all projects

We want everyone to know your name and Ken is your go-to person for name badges. The Association covers the purchase of your first badge(s), so make sure to provide your call-by name(s). Contact information for Cle is, email, or phone (231) 944-4429.

Our Social Director, DJ Varon, organizes many social activities throughout the season. The calendar, and opportunities to sign up/volunteer for events, can be found on our website.

We encourage you to visit our website, , password:   owners!  (all lower case with an !). Our HOA website gives you access to owner’s documents – including Condominium Documents, Association Rules and Regulations, the community calendar, payment options, and a communications channel to the Board of Directors, Operations Manager and Social Director. Be sure to select Co-Owners Login, on the Menu Bar, for detailed descriptions of each page in the site. The website provides answers to most questions co-owners have. MailChimp email is the official communication channel between the Board and the residents.

Nikki Sweet is the onsite General Manager appointed by Traverse Bay RV Park Investments, LLC, and can be reached at email, or phone (231) 938-5800, regarding questions on Usage/Repair Fees and Electric Billings. Nikki also manages the lot rental program for the developer and co-owners.

Shapiro Management Company LLC, is the property management company “Investments” has contracted to oversee management and maintenance of the clubhouses, pool, hot tub, fitness center, pickleball courts, etc.

Information on many of your questions are included in this New Co-Owner Packet. These documents are only provided as summary information and do not replace the official Condominium Documents that are in the website.

Again, welcome to Traverse Bay RV Park, “Our Little Slice of Heaven”! We look forward to you enjoying the community as much as we do and encourage you to participate in the activities.


Board of Directors

Traverse Bay RV Park Condominium Association

Board of Directors

Ken Straub, President
Phone: 517-416-5111

Austin Shapiro, Vice-President
Phone: 248-865-0066

Ed Knott, Secretary-Treasurer
Phone: 513-594-8120


The Traverse Bay RV Park Condominium Association website is a one stop source for all the information/questions you may have as a new co-owner. Using your Google Chrome web browser, copy and paste into your address bar. The password to access the site is: owners! (all lower case, with the exclamation point).

This site offers a multitude of services to the co-owners. Features include a convenient, user friendly, tool to view condominium documents, BOD meeting minutes, financial reports, a events calendar and gallery. You can electronically interact with the Board, Operations Manager and Social Director, submit changes to your personal information, complete fillable forms for lot improvements, rental and guests, sign up to attend or volunteer for social events and email the Board of Directors.

At this time, there is no Online Payment option in the site. High merchant processing service fees, as well as bank fees that must be covered by the HOA or directly by the co-owner were the determining factors in this decision.

Below is a quick overview of your site, with a few quick tips of how to navigate through it.

Home Page: This is your entry into the website. Take a moment to scroll down to the bottom of the page. You will find photos that display the true beauty of, “Our Little Slice of Heaven”. Then, look to the top of the page, to find the Menu Bar. Once you’ve selected the page you’d like to view, you will be prompted to enter the password. We recommend you start with the Co-Owners Login.

Co-Owners Login: As stated above, make this your first stop in the website. Enter the password to access a brief description of the information in each website page, as well as a hyperlink to take you directly to the page of your choice.

Co-Owner Services: Click on the dropdown arrow to update your personal information, view important documents, access USPS Mailings to Co-owners, sign-up for TBRV Meet Your Neighbor and read helpful information about the park.

Operations Manager: Contact the operations manager or complete/submit the fillable forms located on this page. Click on the “Notices” button to view the MailChimp communications Cle has sent during the season.

Activities: Click on the dropdown arrow to view the TBRV events calendar, sign-up to attend or volunteer for upcoming social events, click on the “Notices” button to view the MailChimp communications DJ has sent during the season or get all the latest information on Court Activities.

Emergency: Critical information in what to do in the event of an emergency is found on this page. Payment: Find information on submitting your HOA dues payment and the Developer’s maintenance charge. For your convenience, our webpage includes a link to the developer’s online payment site.

Contact: The page to easily contact the Board of Directors, Operations Manager or Social Director. You will also find all MailChimp notes the board sends throughout the year.

Gallery: Pictures of our beautiful resort and the wonderful owners. Note: Due to the timing of when the website development began, we were limited on the photos for the Gallery and the Home page. We’re looking forward to adding many more photos to the site during the 2023 season.

The Board encourages you to spend some time getting familiar with the website. Questions should be directed to Ken or Ed.

Please note that MailChimp will continue to be our primary communication tool.


  1. 2023 Association Fees Breakdown: (Fee amounts will be updated annually)
    $750.00 due April 1, 2023 (grace period through April 30, 2023
    $750.00 August 1, 2023
    $1,500.00 total amount due for 2023
    Please note that you can pay the entire amount of $1,500 or you may pay in two installments.

    Includes: Cable TV; Wi-Fi, Daily Trash Pick-up (7 days per week), Lawn
    Mowing/Fertilization, Water/Sewer Hookups, Common area lighting and fountains,
    Common area mowing/fertilization, Entrance flowers and landscaping, Common Area
    Liability Insurance, Organized Social Events and Activities

    Invoices are mailed via USPS to the address on record by L.E. Williams & Co., CPA’s.
    Payments should be mailed to:
    Traverse Bay RV Park Condo Association
    996 Garfield Woods Dr. STE A
    Traverse City, MI 49686

    Feel free to call or e-mail with questions:
    L.E. Williams & Co., CPA’s
    231-922-8610 or email:
    Please indicate your lot number.

  2. 2023 Resort Owner Usage/Repair Fees
    $203.50 Quarterly ($814.00 Annually)

    Includes: Usage and Repair/Maintenance of all Developer Owned Amenities/Properties

    Visit, , Online Payment, to pay Usage/Repair Fees and Electric Charges.

    Payment may be remitted to:
    Traverse Bay RV Park Investments, LLC
    C/O M Shapiro Management Co.
    31550 Northwestern Hwy, Suite 220
    Farmington, MI 48334



Medical Emergency Process:

In the event of a Medical Emergency, the following steps should be followed:

  1. Call 911 – The dispatchers have a map of the park, as well as geographical, geospatial ability. If calling from the event site, leave your smart phone on so the first responders can be guided directly to your site.
  2. Call Cle at 231-944-4429 – Cle will meet the first responders at the park entrance and escort them to the lot.
  3. Turn emergency flashers on in your RV and Vehicle.
  4. Lot numbers should be visible from the street.

AED Devices:

Traverse Bay RV Park Condominium Association purchased four (4) AED Devices in the fall of 2022. Information on placement of, and process for, devices will be included, as soon as possible.

Emergency Evacuation Plan:

Our Emergency Evacuation Plan is currently being finalized.


  • Pool & Spa Hours – Open 10 am till dusk through Labor Day
  • Garbage Pickup – Place curbside by 10 am – All garbage must be bagged, tied and secured. Cardboard must be broken down.
  • Propane delivery is available by contacting Johnson Oil and Propane 989-732-2451
  • No service or repairs allowed on RV unless using pre-approved vendors.
  • All tow dollies, trailers, boats, etc. will be stored in the storage area. Storage tags are available in the office.
  • Speed limit throughout the park is 15 mph.
  • Fenced dog park is located adjacent to the pool where pets may be off leash.
  • Dog waste stations are located next to the dog park and in the large common area on Forest View.
  • All pet waste must be picked up immediately and disposed of properly.


Please note there is no direct mail or package delivery at Traverse Bay RV Park Resort Front Desk. All co-owners requiring US Mail will need to reserve a P.O. Box at one of the two local Post Offices, Acme and Williamsburg.

The Acme Post Office is able to provide all parcel/package services at one convenient location and they are open 6 days a week. The Post Office also has General Delivery options for those who only need occasional services, but you will need to call the Acme Post Office directly for information regarding delivery address and possible rules and restrictions. To reserve a P.O. Box, call 231-938-1870, or stop into the post office at, 3585 Bunker Hill Rd, Acme, MI, 49610.

The Williamsburg Post Office may not provide the additional “Service Enhancement” for UPS and FedEx. To reserve a P.O. Box or obtain additional information on deliveries, call 231-267-5071 or stop into the post office at, 8344 Old State Hwy 72, Williamsburg, MI, 49690.

Visit for additional information and online forms.

UPS and Fedex deliveries should be delivered to your lot using the following address:

Your Name
Traverse Bay RV Resort – Lot ###
5555 M-72 East
Williamsburg, MI 49690